16 June 2008

Chocolate is my favorite flavor

This weekend was a fun one. Had my parents to visit and celebrated Father's Day in a relatively low-key fashion. We had some outings, ate some good food, and my father helped me install a window unit AC (thanks Lulubell for the donation!). We actually made a trek to Carl's twice, which is always a good thing! My dad also brought his gas-powered lawn mower to my house so my lawn could get a nice close shave - I normally use a push-powered rotary mower which, while environmentally-friendly, doesn't do the best cutting job!

Now, the weekend couldn't have gone by without some quirky sort of disaster (this is my life, after all), and we got that when I picked up a nail in my tire at some point on Saturday. Amid our activities on Sunday we also went by the tire place to have my tire patched (thankfully an easy fix). That wasn't all, though. My refrigerator also decided to stop working by Sunday afternoon. The freezer I'd stocked up with ice cream and other summer treats just last week is now a puddled mess. Keep your fingers crossed that my love of ice cream holds up as I scramble to devour the goodies before they are fully thawed. Guess it could be worse!

Image courtesy Virginia Department of Historic Resources

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