04 June 2008

A fresh start

Do you know how sometimes plans just don't go as they, well, were planned? I've found my life is just like that. It seems like there's always a little something that pushes things just off the path of perfection.

Case in point: I returned home from a lovely weekend in Wilmington, NC, full of sunshine, time with a good friend, yummy food, and fresh river breezes, to a tree down in my front yard. Now, it certainly could have been worse, but it also seems like five hours in the car could have been rewarded with a better ending.

The tree was removed yesterday and my front yard and porch are now back to normal. One positive that may come out of this is that now that the tree has lost many of its branches my front yard may now get some sunlight. Of course I have my front flower beds planted with shade-loving perennials, but I'm sure they'll enjoy the change. Personally, I'm gearing up for a fresh start myself - I'd like to eat healthier, pull together my house and de-junk (as my mother has termed it), and all in all become an "adult". I think now that I've hit my "early thirties" it's a necessity...

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