20 July 2008

Call the cops

I think something happened yesterday that technically is not allowed. Mother Nature broke some rules and made the day more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Do you ever have those days when just walking down the street makes you unbelievably happy? When you can't imagine life being any better?

Yesterday I awoke relatively early to get to the farmers market as is my usual schedule on Saturdays. Here's some wonderfulness from my walk downtown:

I turn the corner just two houses down and - bam! - I'm hit with the image of wonderful flowering vines with an amazing smell. It looks kind of like a moonflower but I think is a member of the jasmine family. Divine!

As I head to the bank to get cash from the ATM, I just happen to look way up and am overwhelmed with how beautiful the sky is. I had to stop and take pictures. I was sure I looked a little odd, but then I noticed another woman doing the exact same thing.

Then stopped in Hyperion to pick up my ritual venti iced skim latte and everything bagel to go. Per usual, the coffee shop was crowded. I actually stood in line in front of a group of runners and started chatting with them. Every Saturday morning I had noticed large groups of runners who congregated inside and outside of Hyperion after their runs. I learned they are a formal group, the Fredericksburg Area Running Club, that meets for 7AM and 8AM runs through town. Hmm...something to maybe strive for to meet new people. Now, I just need to learn to like running.

Anyway, it was then off to the farmers market. Even with the hot and humid weather, there were lots of people at the market, although sadly (and unexpectedly) my CSA was not there. Oh well, likely for the best as I'm about to leave for a week's vacation and the produce would have gone unused anyway. I did, however, pick up some fresh corn as I knew that corn was now 'in' in Virginia and I had a specific recipe in mind (more on that later).

The walk home was nice and leisurely, due to my loaded bag and the humid weather. Besides corn being 'in' right now, the crepe myrtles are also putting on a show this time of year. I really, truly feel very sorry for anyone who lives in an area of the world without crepe myrtles. I don't know if I could do it.

Much of my path home was overhung with heavy crepe myrtle branches - the blooms were large and fragrant and I came home with a sprinkling of blossoms on my head and in my bag.

And even the chain link fences seemed to be strutting their stuff.

Mother Nature was definitely putting on a show!

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Mommy, Esq. said...

Your photos are so beautiful - good for you to be carrying around a camera everywhere. I should be better about that.