08 July 2008

Livin' it up

So I'm thinking this morning about work. Sad, I know. But for me, one who actually loves her job, that's not as bad as it sounds. I'm actually thinking about field trips. Yes, us museum curators actually get to take field trips - we call them "work-related visits" but really it is also a day away from our museum (ugh!) visiting some other curator's museum (yeah!).

I somehow, when I wasn't looking, became the de facto intern coordinator this summer. I sent images of accommodations, answered questions about laundry and internet hook-ups, gave maps and lists of places of interest, and also assigned myself the task of coordinating educational field trips for our six interns.

So far we have many museums on our list, but three of them are local house museums with major restoration/reinterpretation efforts underway:




I'll report back on our various outings - you can all live vicariously through me!

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M said...

I swear I sent you that email this morning before I even read your post today! Great minds...