15 July 2008

Mind the gap

I need a new mattress. There's no two ways about it. There is a distinct crater in my current mattress that turning and flipping don't seem to obliterate. I woke up in it this morning. And had to roll out of it to get out of bed.

My friend Jen has a friend who deals in luxury mattresses, but even with the friend-of-a-friend discount the price is a little steep. Why are mattresses so expensive!? Is there a government subsidy for us non-profit workers to buy a mattress that won't give us horrible back pain? I'll have to look into that.

In other news, I made another farmers market dinner last night (you thought I'd gotten off the farmers market kick, huh?). Well, because of my weekend excursion I actually missed the farmers market this past Saturday (gasp!) but had in reserves a few survivors from weeks past: new red potatoes and baby eggplant. Yum. I should have taken a picture of the baby eggplant. They were so cute. Some round and plump; others long and lean. Then I skinned them and chopped them and roasted them. Oh, and sprinkled the whole menagerie with sea salt and olive oil and rosemary from the garden. So simple, so easy, so good.

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Anonymous said...

Mmm. Why can't I live with people who like eggplant? *sigh*