13 August 2008

Am I really un-spectacular?

Well, I've been "tagged" by my friend Mommy, Esq., so here I am to tell you 6 un-spectacular things about me (forwarning to my other blogger friends out there...you're next!).

  • Link the person who tagged you.
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  • Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
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1. I crack my knuckles. And my knees, hip flexors, back, elbows, and most disgustingly, my neck. It feels good. I blame my friend April Hall from high school for the neck thing. She got me started. I was a sucker for peer pressure. She told me it would feel good and I tried it.

2. From age 5 until 17 I took classical ballet classes. I was pretty good. I was trained in the cecchetti method by my wonderful ballet teacher who looked like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. Anyway, my mother says my good posture is due to my ballet training. I took classes in college too, but just for fun. I was on pointe for a number of years and my feet are kind of crooked and banged up because of it.

3. My #4 and #13 teeth are turned 180 degrees. I was just at the dentist yesterday so I actually know the numbers. They're two of my back upper teeth - on either side - I'm very symmetrical. Honestly, that might qualify as "spectacular" as it's sort of freak-of-natureish.

4. I tend to fall asleep on my back. And with my one leg up in a yoga tree pose. Don't know why. I don't really practice yoga. Maybe it's due to #2. Who knows.

5. I hate roses. If a guy gives me roses I know he doesn't know me very well and it doesn't bode well for our future. I also don't ever want to grow roses. I love gardening, but something seems so generic and over-the-top about roses. They're too predictable.

6. I generally need to match my bra and panties. Some people (ahem, you know who you are) think I'm crazy, but there you go. I prefer they really match, i.e. be from the same collection, but will sometimes settle for same colors and similar fabrics.

So, that's my list. I tag a few more people that I know with blogs (sadly I don't know 6 others!): new bride L at L to the third and Miss M over at The Collection.

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Mommy, Esq. said...

I recall the cracking of the back and the sleeping on the back (that results in minor snoring) from our days as roomies. :)