04 August 2008


Well, this weekend was spent doing three major things: sleeping, gardening, and shopping. Ah, the trifecta of everything perfect in life. I did have my normal lazy Saturday morning - walking to the farmers market; picking up my CSA bag; getting an iced latte and everything bagel at Hyperion (yes, I lead a pretty predictable Saturday and love it!).

I enjoy walking through the streets of Fredericksburg on the weekends. Everyone is out and about and working in their yards. A definite sense of camaraderie and neighborhood-ness. Plus, I can gaze longingly at houses I would love to live in without getting too many stares. These chalk paintings made me smile. Especially this cat with its arched back.

It threatened to rain all morning so I didn't get out in the garden until around 11:00. It was partly cloudy pretty much all day, so perfect for cutting grass, weeding, and mulching without broiling.

I'm thinking of moving my bed of irises from my backyard to the front flower beds. My front flower beds for some reason have not yet filled in. They look a little sad. My irises, however, have taken over one of my back beds and are crowding out my three azaleas (which have only had two blooms total on them in over 1 1/2 years - definitely trying my patience). I think the azaleas may need some breathing room.

But, now it's the work week again and I haven't made the transfer. Maybe I'll try one evening this week. I also have glorious farmers market goodies to cook too. I have a bulgur salad on tap for tonight - made with fresh corn, zucchini, and tomatoes from my CSA bag.

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Einat said...

That reminds me. Husband and I were on a walk the other night and I noticed a chalk hopscotch drawing on the sidewalk. I couldn't resist. He went through it first, effortlessly jumping through it with his 6'4 frame. I tried next, holding onto my pregnant belly as I jumped... and then discovered one more thing I'm not really supposed to do when I'm pregnant. :(