21 August 2008

I'm roasting

Well, after a fun day of curator things yesterday, I came home and worked in the kitchen. I cut kernels off ears of corn and froze them for a future recipe. And then I searched for a good recipe for my ratatouille. I finally decided to be inspired by this one from Fatfree Vegan Kitchen. Do you know what I discovered? I've actually made ratatouille before. Or at least a roasted version. Who knew it was so simple?! I diced or sliced or chopped vegetables that I had on hand: eggplant (one globe and one Japanese), tomatoes (cherry, cut in half along with regular ones chopped), zucchini, garlic, orange pepper, pole beans. I served it over brown Jasmine rice from TJ's and cooked the rice in vegetable broth for a little more flavor. My big thing when roasting vegetables is that I must use sea salt instead of table salt. Yum.

I absolutely love roasted vegetables. I don't think there's a vegetable I have met that doesn't taste absolutely delicious roasted. Beets? Roast them. Cauliflower? Roast them. Peppers? Roast them. I think for me it's the carmelized flavor they get. I like to mix it up regarding what I top them with, from just olive oil to balsamic vinegar to salad dressing to spices. For this bunch it was lots of pepper, olive oil, sea salt, and cumin.

My only complaint? Roasting vegetables totally heats up my kitchen despite doors open and fans whirring. Hot, but worth it.

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