18 August 2008

To market, to market

Just a quick report on my weekend and all the goodies I received in my CSA from the farmers market. I know many of you may say, 'yawn, I've heard about the darn market already', but I for some reason get so excited each week by the surprises in my bag. It's kind of like Christmas every week (although, yes, I know I actually do pay for it and the goodies aren't technically gifts).

Anyway, I wanted to clarify the fig issue. Well, there's not really an issue with the figs besides the fact that last week I couldn't remember the name of the particular fig that we'd received. I now know that last week's fig was the Celeste. It's a delicate, sweet fig that was oh so delicious. This week's fig, however, is the darker, more dramatic Chicago. Supposedly we'll be getting these again next week with blue cheese accompaniment. Sounds good to me!

I also got the makings for a ratatouille: peppers and eggplant and squash and both "normal" and heirloom tomatoes (the heirloom will likely just make their way into my belly in other ways since they taste so sweet). My favorite of the group are the little pattypan squash. So cute.

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Theresa said...

I love patty pan squash. We brush it with olive oil and just a little salt and grill it. It's so simple and yummy.