26 September 2008

Rainy days

Rain, rain, rain. I know we need it and I must say there's nothing better than laying in bed and listening to the rain against the window. I also love the smell of rain. I do not, however, love the damp chill you get from being out in the rain. I came home a little damp last evening due to being out and about in the rain putting sandbags against the exterior door of our collections storage room which had decided to allow a pool of water to come inside late yesterday.

Anyway, I came home, changed into a fleece and lounging pants and fixed myself a batch of the cream of mushroom soup that had been one of the treats of my CSA bag this week. Yum. I poured it over wheat toast in an homage to another comfort food of my youth that I no longer eat due to my whole vegetarian thing: creamed chipped beef. Ah, the memories.

For those getting rain, I hope everyone has been staying dry. And if rain is headed your way (or even if it isn't) I have a great idea for an indoor activity for everyone tomorrow (Saturday 9/27): Museum Day 2008! Free admission to a number of museums across the country just by printing out a pass from this Smithsonian website. This is not to say that you shouldn't pay admission to museums - remember that behind every museum is a bunch of poorly-paid employees like me. But, in lieu of admission, maybe buy something in the giftshop or cafe to make up for it. Or don't. Either way, you can try a museum you've not been to before or visit a neighborhood favorite. One of the museums on the Fredericksburg list is the Mary Washington House. One of my perrenial favorites for an "old school" historic house experience.

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