04 September 2008


You know, I shunned country music in my teenage and early adult life. My grandparents listened to it; my father listened to it; the guys in the FFA at school with their polka-dot baseball caps listened to it. I instead chose R.E.M. and Harry Connick, Jr. and U2. But I'm back in the country now and have to admit that I like it. Well, I don't like all of it. I don't like the songs that are made just to be sappy where someone dies a sudden death and his dog lays by his grave mourning him. I like the smart, fun country music. My latest obsession: Carrie Underwood. I know I'm behind the curve on this one since she's won every award imaginable for the past few years, but I downloaded 'Carnival Ride' and it is my car and iPod favorite right now.

I especially love the one about her dog...

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