03 October 2008

Comfort (finale)

Well, a week of crisp fall-is-just-arriving weather is drawing to a close. My front porch has a pot of yellow pansies, a pumpkin, and a small yellow and green squash to bring my house in line with the new season. And today also marked the day of reaching my pinacle of comfort food - the first peppermint mocha.

I love this time of year. Acorns are raining down with their little caps ajar. The nights are chilly making me burrow deep under the covers. Sweaters come out of hiding. Apples abound at the farmers market. What are your favorite fall things?

Image of this c. 1830 tin coffeepot is courtesy the Index of American Design (http://www.nga.gov/collection/gallery/iadmetal/iadmetal-30068.html). Lots of great treasures of the American past captured in exquisite watercolors - check it out for a little nostalgia (perfect this time of year).


Christine said...

Nothing better than when the sweaters and turtlenecks come out of hiding. It's cool enough in the evenings now that I had to pull out Seamus's selection of sweaters and jackets too! He's not thrilled...As for foods of fall, it has to be apple cider and cinnamon-sugar donuts, preferably outdoors in the midst of piles of brightly-colored leaves. An autumn wonderland...

Anonymous said...

The cute GW Boys Ultimate Frisbee Team starts its fund raising campaign around LaFayette Park - brightening my morning commute.