06 October 2008

Green with envy

When last visiting my parents up in Frederick, Maryland, we took a little trip to their local co-op, The Common Market (oh, how I wish Fredericksburg would get themselves a co-op). After dining on goodies from their cafe (I had a yummy marinated tofu sandwich), we took to shopping (okay, Dad sat and people-watched while Mom and I shopped). We didn't buy much (thanks, Mom and Dad, for my Klean Kanteen and huge bag of organic carrots!) but I did pick up a new face lotion on a whim.

It's got good moisturizers without feeling greasy (important as we head into dry skin season). Has SPF 15 (good for us fair-skinned types). Plus, is cruelty-free (the brand name is a dead giveaway). I'm a convert.


Einat said...

Silly question -- what does co-op mean within this context?

G. said...

Cooperatively-owned local grocery store? Am I being totally ignorant? What else does a co-op mean (hope I didn't put my foot in my mouth or anything!)? Oh, like a housing co-op? I mean grocery store here. Shows where my mind always is ;)

miss bess said...

I'm always looking for good face lotion that isn't too watery. I may have to check this stuff out. Thanks for the tip!!