14 October 2008


Just when I was about to give in and ruin my frugal streak by purchasing a coffee drink during the work week at Hyperion, it arrived. Peppermint Mocha Coffee-mate creamer. I'm a happy girl. My friend Christine will understand.

Well, I'm a happy girl at least for the next few weeks while I go through the three bottles I stumbled upon at Giant last night. Now, this certainly is not to say that this is the most tasty way to go, but with Hyperion peppermint mochas at over $4 a piece, it definitely is the smart way to go.


Theresa said...

Good that you found that stuff! I am also coming to the realization that I will need to cut down on my coffee consumption for the sake of my wallet. Very sad! Unfortunately, I just can't stand my own coffee...maybe if I had an espresso maker...oh wait, that defeats the entire purpose of "cutting back"!!

M said...

I totally saw that stuff in Giant yesterday and immediately thought of you. Now, if they just come out with Egg Nog Latte flavor, I'm saved!

Christine said...

Check it out - I made it to the blogosphere again! I can almost taste that minty goodness. Shall I make some yummy noises for you? :o) My sister had a great idea - can you stock up on the good stuff and FREEZE it? You could be having pepp-mochas all year round. Or would that ruin the special seasonal factor?