07 January 2009

Pen and ink

Is there anything better than a fresh new notepad and a great inky pen? I love the bright paper, the clear blue lines, and the sound the pen makes when it scratches its words across the surface. I had to pull a new notepad out today when I was working at home taking notes on a 1980s interpretive report of my historic site and I must say it made my day (no, that's not pathetic!).

While my last post was about getting with the modern times and the joys of wireless internet, for me nothing will EVER replace the joy of pen and paper. Not eco-friendly of me I know, but hey, I work in the history field and we love pieces of paper and scratchy ink marks and what they have to say.


Helen said...

I'm obsessed with inky pens! Because I hold my writing untensils incorrectly, I find it difficult to use ball point pens because they dry up too quickly. The kids have grown obsessed with my flair pens over the years, and I've had classes of kids who would buy their own and then I would accuse them of stealing mine!

I also have a great love for personalized stationery. I think G, you might too appreciate this.:)

A. said...

I LOVE a good inky pen and a fresh notebook. It makes me strive to have extra good penmanship - when confronted with a plain old ballpoint and a half-used notebook, I just can't bring myself to care as much about how my handwriting looks.

Are you a cursive or print note-taker? I'm print, all the way.

Stacey said...

As a former writer (my current career of writing emails doesn't count) I too love pen and paper. My biggest issue was always how crappy my handwriting looked after a while. I'm also a natural editor so I'd start crossing things out and it would get messy quickly. Perhaps the computer is the best medium for me now...I never kept a diary but I do keep a blog!