21 May 2009


This week has really seemed to fly by. I can't believe it is Thursday already. Next thing I know you'll be telling me it's the weekend (and a holiday one at that). Funny how that works.

I'm very excited about the start of my favorite summer television show: So You Think You Can Dance. I've never been one for American Idol or Dancing with the Stars, but this show is definitely my cup of tea. Don't even try to get a hold of me tonight between 8 and 10 (Mom).

That's it really; all my exciting news. Oh, other than the fact that my car window is fixed. And the netting is now on my strawberry patch (ha-ha you stealth birds, let's see you get through that!).


M said...

Aaauugghh! I totally forgot to come by last night and get the renegade strawberry plant! T'll try to stop by this evening (but not between 8 and 10).

Anonymous said...

I love that show, too!! Benji from a few seasons ago was my favorite.

Strawberries are looking promising!