16 August 2009

Berry cobbler and a broken lamp

My recent silence doesn't have anything to do with my life being super-exciting right now. No major vacations. No interesting things to report. No issues to debate. I made a berry cobbler, though, that I must admit was pretty darn good. I used blueberries that my grandmother pawned off on me that came from *gasp* the grocery store, blackberries from my CSA, and well, frozen bananas from my freezer (the recipe called for 4 cups berries and I didn't have but three so thought bananas would taste pretty good). The topping was simple and made in no time in my food processor. Of course it had a stick of butter. Nothing can be bad with a stick of butter.

Oh, and my cats broke one of the lamps in my living room. No big deal. Actually gives me a good excuse to buy another lamp (or two; with matching lamp shades). I'm feeling a trip to the Maxx in my future.

Off on a research trip tomorrow with our curatorial intern - get to look at cool old stuff for a few days...


T. said...

Your cobbler looks sooo delicious! I am a big fan of bananas in all things. Gives everything a little extra body. And potassium.

Cathy said...

I would never have thought to add banana. I take it it was delicious? Another good use for frozen over-ripe bananas is always welcome!

My favorite fruit dessert recipe is Fanny Farmer's crisp recipe, easily adaptable to any fruit (I like to use at least 1/2 apple, and then 1/2 whatever). Equal parts flour and sugar, dash of salt and whatever spices you feel like. Cut in some butter, pour over fruit. Bake 55 minutes. Original recipe calls for 1 stick of butter, I use 1/2 or sometimes less and it works fine. Great with ice cream!

John R. said...

The cobbler looks and sounds deeelicious!

Please post re: research trip / looking at cool old stuff!