19 September 2009

Sunny day

Such a beautiful sunny day. Picked up some eggplants at the farmers' market this morning (my CSA farm was off this weekend) along with my iced latte from the coffee shop. So nice I walked and enjoyed the brisk morning air. Spending the day doing a little e-mail, working on the garden, getting ready to head off to a conference tomorrow.

I'm finally installing that edging in the main garden plot in my backyard. This funny guy surprised me in the strawberry patch as I was tidying up. I bought some seedlings of lettuce and arugula this morning from the herb vendor at the market and plan on planting them this afternoon. I sure am excited to have some cold-season greens on the way.

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M said...

Have fun at CW! Wish I could be there - I'll look forward to hearing all about it!