05 October 2009

Monday ponderings

The weather is starting to turn cold at night and in the mornings I wake up with my nose a little cold from peeking out of the covers all night. This morning, I could not get out of bed - I was all snuggled under my duvet, coverlet, and warm cat. It was heavenly. I think I snoozed my alarm for over an hour. But I made it up and out the door just 10 minutes late. I think that's pretty darn good.

Today for lunch I had some soup from the freezer that I made a couple of months back from late-summer vegetables - corn, zucchini, and beans. I remember that I made it on a Saturday during a marathon viewing of Ghost Hunters. Gosh I love that show (although I do hate the fact that they're often not careful in historic house museums). Anyway, I froze the soup in leftover glass jars (with a little headspace for expanding) and found that they reheat very well in the microwave in those jars and then I even ate the soup out of the jar (it was a shallow, wide jar). All-in-all, I'm pretty proud of myself and my inginuity.

I have eggplant on the brain today and eggplant in the fridge. What to do? Cook eggplant, I think. The recipe I have in mind came from a random blog search: Eggplant Curry from Vegan Chow Down. I'll give that a try tonight when I get home from work. That is, if I can stay out of that soft, squishy bed.

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