12 November 2009

Pink in progress

Yes, Mom, I'll post to my blog! I tried to tell her that nothing exciting had happened, but we'll make something up anyway. It is rainy and dreary and work may be closed tomorrow because of massive flooding. I keep thinking about how I should open up my composter to get some rain on it and wet it down, but I then think about how I'd actually have to put on my rain boots and walk out there in the rain and get wet and cold and then I say 'I'll do it tomorrow' like Scarlett and then I don't. So instead I sit here and just listen to the raindrops.

I plan on completing a project that has been in the making for over two months now: the painting of my living room. I promise. In the meantime, one wall is painted and I am really very pleased with the result. Now I need to decide on what to hang where. I got a great still life at a local flea market (for $2) that is perfect for the room and I'm going to save my pennies to recover the wing chair and ottoman in some sort of navy blue pattern that will pick up pinks and greens elsewhere in the room. Ah, I love planning. Not so big on the executing.

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