20 December 2009

digging out

A peaceful Sunday punctuated by the sound of scraping shovels and the plows beeping by. Not certain how much snow we actually got, but gosh is it pretty! Quite a thick, plush blanket across my backyard that you sink into up to your knees. I'm purposefully not walking around out there so it keeps that picturesque look as long as it can.

Things to do today:
~ bake those cookies I didn't get to baking yesterday
~ organize photos from my camera onto Flickr, work files, etc.
~ dig my car out (although I have a feeling work will be closed tomorrow)
~ bake bread (mmm...roasted tofu-turkey sandwiches)
~ go through magazines to see what articles/ideas I want to save

I did a little digging in the snow this morning. Sadly the snow was of the powdery variety - beautiful to look at, easier to shovel, but not so good for snowman-making. Excellent variety for sledding however. CNN was even in Fredericksburg with a video camera showcasing our sledding wonderland.

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