23 March 2010

growing: the surprise hyacinth

Spring bulbs are wonderful - daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths - but I have very few in my yard. A slew of irises I inherited and this one hyacinth which came from a plant Grandma gave me on Easter that I decided to plant and see what happened (what happened is that it actually took and hopefully will appear year after year). The smell is overwhelmingly delightful.

After a little rain yesterday and the promise of a bit more today, I think the garden is enjoying the arrival of spring. I also heard yesterday from my landlord that he may consider selling the house - to me if I want it. Guess I need to do some considering, discuss a mortgage with someone, and do a little more research. It would be nice to have a yard to call my own. For real.


Stacey said...

You are insipiring me to take pictures of our flowers! The daffodils are up and the hyacinths are almost there. Next up? The bearded irisis. I love those!

Christine said...

Cool - it would be nice to have THAT yard and house to call your own, since you've already put so much into it!! I'm loving all the flowering trees around here - gorgeous.

M said...

That's fantastic!! You could be a homeowner soon!

Janet said...

The best surprise of all! The color is so pretty too!

Today's word verification: preen (I think your hyacinth is preening)