18 March 2010

twig trellises and mounds of daffodils

Have you ever sat down and thought about how you came by your personality, loves, hates? I guess it's the 'nature vs. nurture' argument, but I think sometimes you are definitely born with some quirks. I, for instance, have somehow inherited my grandmother's love of gardens. Now, my mother is an avid gardener, but nowhere near her mother - who grows roses, and lilies, and azaaleas, and primroses, and tulips, and anything else she can get her hands on (and drizzle MiracleGro on).

I could talk gardens for hours. And I especially love natural/organic gardening (not so much in keeping with dear old Grandma). Now, I may not know my scientific names or how to grow all the things I love to look at, but I enjoy learning. I found myself wandering through the garden plots of Colonial Williamsburg today. What a beautiful day to explore the world of colonial Virginia gardening. Natural twig trellises and beautiful mounds of daffodils first caught my eye. Then lettuces in cold frames, and spinach sprouting under bell jars, and spring onions shooting out of their mounds. Crushed oyster shell walks. Glorious. I would love to be in this garden every day.

Any garden talk to share?


M said...

With the impending 70 degree temps this weekend, I'm planning to spend as much time as I can in my yard. I'm not sure how much of a garden I'll actually create this year, but I'm excited to give it a try!

Anyone want a gi-normous rosemary bush??

A. said...

Say hi to my alma mater next time you're there!

Love gardens and gardening, I'm just not that good at it - I have a hard time keeping things alive (and away from the deer).

Einat said...

I thought of you as I picked spinach from the back yard today. The leaves are big and crinkly and not at all bitter.

What I would give to spend a few days just nurturing the garden (and myself by extension).