12 April 2010

growing: grape hyacinths

The irises are shooting up their green stalks along the side of the house and intermixed among them are a handful of muscari, or grape hyacinths. I had first spotted them last year. I didn't plant these little guys and I still don't have many in the yard, but they surprised me by popping up just when I least expected.

My next-door neighbors were digging in their backyard this weekend too, tearing down a fence line of honeysuckle (I'm a little sad about that) and putting in what looks like a vegetable boxed garden. Against the chainlink fence (so not really sure how that will work since chainlink doesn't hold in dirt). We'll see what happens.

Sad that I must go and sit inside for 8+ hours today. I'd much rather be playing in the dirt.


Stacey said...

I think you are about 2 weeks behind us in terms of the growing season. I didn't get any gardening time this weekend but plan on getting lots of annuals for my pots next weekend.

M said...

I sadly mowed down my grape hyacinths on Sunday. I tried to mow around them, but I kind off drifted into la-la land on my second pass and down they went. There's always next year, I guess!