31 May 2010

eating: fresh peas

There is something very zen about shelling peas. The repetitive popping open of the pod and running your thumb down the shell to pop out all the perfectly-green little peas. Some go astray but that's okay. If I had a front porch with a big old chair I'd have done it there, but instead I settled for my kitchen.

Two of my favorite ways with English peas:
~ Boil for a few minutes in a pan of water until bright green and slightly soft. Season with butter, salt, and pepper. Simple.
~ Add to a bright springtime potato salad with redskin new potatoes, sour cream, splash of vinegar, and fresh dill (from the garden).

The dill in the garden is growing like crazy and I need to harvest at least some of it today, so I have a feeling the potato salad is in my near future. With the weather hot and humid, it's nice to have a cool refrigerator salad full of fresh veggies and not heavy with mayonnaise. Enjoyed with some of my bubbly water (tap water run through the Penguin) and maybe an (rice) ice cream sandwich for dessert.

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Hope you enjoy some good food today.


Einat said...

Looks wonderful!

L. said...

I love shelling peas and eating them right away...if you ever need some extra hands (or mouth), give me a call!