20 May 2010

on my mind: a new rug

The living room needs a new rug. The sisal one has succumbed to wear spots in front of the couch, discolorations where cat messes have been cleaned up, and just overall fraying on the binding. I could get creative and spray-paint the whole thing as I've seen on some DIY sites. But instead I'm using it as an excuse to buy a new rug. A colorful rug to match the bright pink walls and lime green pillows. Something to brighten the space, but also hide dirt.

What better to buy than a fun cotton rug from the lovely Dash and Albert (through Layla Grace)? They come in great colorways and patterns that I love. Too many, in fact, so I need your opinion:

Right now I'm leaning toward "Stone Soup" for its wide stripes and mix of colors. What do you all think? Go for it with all pink like "Taffy" (who can resist it with that puppy in the pic!) or play it a bit safer with "Tortola"? Please help me decide!


Christine said...

I vote for Stone Soup as well (and what a great name!). Taffy is too over-the-top girly for your living room and Tortola is not quite jazzy enough.

M said...

Well, mark me down for over-the-top girly! I vote for Taffy, although I do think Stone Soup would be my second choice!

L. said...

My first choice is Taffy, but Stone Soup is a close second.