29 July 2010

eating: tomatoes

Tomatoes. I have a love-hate relationship with them. Summertime heirloom tomatoes with veined flesh and a sweet flavor: love. Bland any-other-time tomatoes with uniform red skin and mealy texture: hate. So this time of year I am trying to eat a year's worth of tomatoes and at times run out of new ways to eat them (I'm not a just 'bite into a tomato like an apple' kind of girl).

I have a few recipes that I've gathered recently and have either given or plan to give a whirl. The latest was a summertime pasta salad (Fresh Tomato Farfalle) perfect for taking to work for lunches. It was also a good opportunity to incorporate some of the lime olive oil my mother had treated me to at Potomac Point Winery's olive oil tasting bar. Plus some fresh lemon basil from the garden and sweet corn from the week's CSA bag.

Any other tomato recipes I should try?


Janet said...

I made gazpacho last night. Yummy! Yummy! I can't get enough of tomatoes in the summertime.

T. said...

I agree with you on the tomato front - can't get enough of them in season and could care less the other ten and a half months of the year!

Anyway, my tomato recipes are not even recipes - good tomatoes don't need much. Chop into bite size pieces, toss with some red onion, capers or olives, a little olive oil and balsamic - done. I had this the other night and it tasted like candy. And cannot go wrong with sliced tomato, fresh mozz, basil and balsamic on good bread! The simpler, the better - especially with the heat and humidity!

JBR said...

I agree w/ T's idea for tomato salad (I sometimes use Vidalias).

Also good: tomato on toast for breakfast - or augment your favorite tomato sauce recipe w/ fresh tomato, fresh basil from garden.

L. said...

I absolutely loved the tomato salad dish that you made for the BBQ; any chance of sending me that recipe? :)

Einat said...

hollow out tomato and stuff with things... corn, bread cubes, beans, and bake in oven.
I'm living on bruscetta these days.

I'm curious about oven roasting/drying of tomato

Tomato bread soup! (though it's kind of a waste with heirlooms)