17 August 2010

my edible garden

I have squash beetles and am mourning the loss of my zucchini plant because of them. When I can get a moment (hopefully tomorrow), I'm going to pull out the carcass of the plant, figure out a way to 'get rid' of the beetles, and rework the soil. Time to plan for the fall and winter crops in my "edible" section of the garden. Which I think is part of my downfall. Crop rotation and new locations are one way to keep pests at bay.

For the past two summers I've been using the center section of my garden plot to grow the edibles - eggplant, snap peas, zucchini, broccoli - with strawberries on the far side and herbs on the other. And then there's the far end section which includes things like pentas and salvia and other sun-loving perennials. I'm thinking they could use some edible neighbors as well. My mind is churning and the wheels are turning.

This summer I grew some of my vegetables and herbs from seeds raised at Monticello's Center for Historic Plants. Parsley (above) and sweet basil in particular, as well as some spotted lettuce that was so delicate and sweet (while it lasted). I have some seeds of this lettuce in reserve and I'm thinking that this is coming on the 'late summer' sowing time recommended for a fall/winter crop. Fresh lettuce - can't wait!

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