07 August 2010

obsession: dish towels

There are a few things that I'm a little obsessed with. One of them, I've come to realize, is dish towels. Interesting, colorful dishtowels to be precise. Like this great mushroom towel from Crate & Barrel which came in a set with lettuce and tomato versions too. No plain white flour sack towels for me.

I have a whole cupboard of them. Taking up precious storage space in my tiny kitchen.

The method to my madness is to roll dish rags up in them, so they are ready to go whenever I switch out a set. Of course I never have more than one set at work at a time and I do laundry pretty frequently. Why then do I have close to two dozen sets (and more in storage)?


M said...

Glad to see you're finally reading Deliverance Dane - I think you'll like it!

And at least the dish towels are mushy - you can cram more in to the cabinet...

Janet said...

Some women like shoes. I like tea towels. Glad to know someone else shares my obsession!