20 September 2010

vegan alfredo happiness

The mum on the front porch is starting to open its little buds - the start of Fall, perhaps? Maybe that's why yesterday I was craving warm, gooey mac 'n' cheese. But with this whole vegan experiment going so well, I knew that real mac 'n' cheese wasn't a wise move (especially given the fact that I ate cheese pizza with some girlfriends the night before and I'm only so brave/stupid). Enter this recipe for alfredo sauce (substituting almond milk for soy); add some broccoli florets and the last few episodes of Veronica Mars (season 3, sniff), and I was one happy girl.

And the sauce made so much that I'm set for leftovers (yay!).


H said...

Season 3 is such a let down- worth watching of course, but so short and just lacks something (two shorter mysteries in place of the one larger arc)

Stephany said...

I came across the coolest Vegan blog and thought I had to pass it on to you!! She has the BEST recipes (CHECK OUT the upside down pear cake and her overnight oats... YUM YUM!) i have tried a few of them (I'm not vegan- just like the healthy recipes sometimes...

Anyway - here it is: