04 February 2011


I recently donated blood for the first time since high school (where I actually didn't give blood because of low iron levels). Anywho, I hope to make it a regular event - especially since work gives us time off to do so - and have my next appointment for early March. Today when I got home from work I found my donor card in the mail. Until today I didn't actually know my blood type. Having never (knock wood) had major surgery, it really hasn't come up. But now I finally know - I'm type A negative. So there you go.

Curious about this new information, I of course 'googled' it (I think 'google' is now an official verb) and it led me to, among other things, eating for your blood type. Type A blood = avoiding animal products (including dairy). Really? Not sure I believe the whole eating for your blood type mumbojumbo as I'm not a scientist and don't actually know about that sort of thing, but you know this makes sense. It was like a lightbulb went off. All of my life I have felt some sort of natural aversion to meat. When we went out for fancy steak dinners, I would be the one asking for mine well-done and proceed to drown it in A-1 sauce. Shrimp? Only if fried beyond recognition. And never mind any sort of 'exotic' animal. Duck? Venison? Lamb? Never. I'd fail miserably on Survivor or The Amazing Race.

Earlier this week I checked out some new vegan cookbooks from the library and am working on new recipes and menu ideas to try. (I always try to check out the books first before committing to buying - taught that lesson by the poor purchase of a certain awful veggie cookbook years back.) Current browsing list:
- Vegan with a Vengeance
- Short-cut Vegan
- Vegan Lunch Box
- 500 Vegan Recipes

So there you have it. I finally feel vindicated in my natural pull toward vegetarianism and my more recent pull toward veganism. It may be fake science, but I embrace my A-negativity as an excuse to eat tofu until the cows come home. Or something like that.


Anonymous said...

Funny, and I didn't know my blood type till I was pregnant. "B positive" which I take as a reminder of how to live life. :) Did you see the Oprah on taking the vegan challenge?

Gretchen said...

:) That's a great way of looking at it.

No, I didn't catch the show, but am hoping to find it online to see it. Have read a little about it, though.