12 February 2011

saturday morning

I was up early this morning to pick up my car from the repair shop. Normally I would laze around on a Saturday morning - no husband, kids, or dogs to get me up and out. But Jason at the repair shop was pretty adamant about the 8am pick-up, so there you go. So now the house is clean, coffee has been drunk, and I'm ready for a crafting day with some of my girlfriends. Only I have two hours until they arrive.

So I went out in the garden and cut some forsythia branches. Put them in the new beautiful, frosty glass vase from anthropologie that I treated myself to around the new year. Looking forward to the little yellow buds to burst forth.

This shot of the living room gives you a good sense for how the place has developed, even though I've never really done a 'decorating' sort of post. [Forgive the empty coffee table - ready for crafting.] Pink walls (that are almost neutral in the morning light), striped rug, colorful throw pillows. I've developed a bit of a color palette that has really covered the whole house (the tiny four-room house). Based on a painting, a rug, and a pair of throw pillows. Not sure it's a long-term palette, but I'm having fun living in a colorful, girlie house for now.


L. said...

So sorry I missed the crafting fun--I hope you guys had a great time!

Anonymous said...

It looks really cute!