02 June 2011

really, truly

I'm not a runner by any stretch of the imagination.  My head gets in the way.  But recently I've been doing it a bit more and walking a bit less. And I hate to admit it, but I'm actually enjoying it.  And am understanding that running gets easier the more you do it.  I am being careful to not push myself, though, because I still want to really, truly enjoy my morning routine.  A little Kate Nash on the iPod, an early morning jaunt, and getting to enjoy nature a bit before my day begins.  Especially views of the canal that runs near my house.  This morning with a pair of ducks swimming about.

The farmers' market in town has been in pretty full swing for weeks now, but my CSA farm share doesn't get rolling until this Saturday.  I have paid my deposit and picked up my bag (a cute canvas one this year) and am getting excited.  Inspired by this article in the kitchn recently.  Get ready for some major veggie/fruit overload in the next few posts.  Or maybe not.  We'll see what comes in the bag this first go-round.

We have our summertime batch of interns arriving now at work.  Four ladies for the next ten weeks or so.  I always enjoy having young people around - they are always full of verve (yes, verve) and remind me why I love my job so much.

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