23 August 2011

in the middle

I am that random person that stops in the middle of a morning run/walk to take pictures.  Of the moon, of a rabbit nibbling grass (a little more difficult, as rabbits are want to run away), or local landmarks.  This morning:  the Mary Washington monument along my favored running path.

The air this morning had a decidedly autumnal feel to it.  Something that excites and saddens me at the same time.  Summertime is one for lounging, and sipping icy drinks, and enjoying road trips and other adventures.  Autumn, on the other hand, reminds me of back to school, which although I do enjoy new organization supplies, I also feel like I really need to get back to work and buckle down.  But autumn also brings walks through crunchy fallen leaves.  Crunching leaves really are one of my favorite sounds.  So hmmm...maybe I can be convinced that the change of seasons is a good thing.

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L. said...

All of this talk of fall in the air is making me very homesick--I don't think there's much of an autumn in El Paso. Maybe you could send me some leaves in a plastic baggie to seal in the crisp, fall smell? :D