05 December 2011

the little tree

I feel like I am constantly running around this time of year - with work programs and family events and holiday parties and shopping to do.  The little (faux) tree finally went up last evening after I arrived home from a visit to my grandmother's.  A little A Very She & Him Christmas blaring and up went the foodie-related ornaments.  The newest addition:  a butternut squash.  Guess I'm a girl of limited interests.

Speaking of limited interests, I feel like every picture I now take must be filtered through Instagram.  Everything looks better with a funky border, fuzzy lighting, and some focal point play.  So my apologies as I post yet another Instagram photograph.  I promise to post some "normal" pictures again at some point.  Maybe.

We did a little museum visiting this weekend - to the VMFA to see the new MUMMY exhibit, complete with introductory 3-D movie narrated by Patrick Stewart.  Yup.  Oh, and Egyptian themed 3-D glasses, of course.  Nah, we didn't look silly at all.


M said...

Love the little butternut squash ornament!! Can't wait to see your tree - ahem, hint, hint :) And thanks very much for making my museum one of your stops this weekend - it was much appreciated!

JBR said...

How was mummy exhibit at "the museum?"

L. said...

Where in the world did you find this ornament? I love it!

Gretchen said...

M - thinking about planning a weekday dinner soon.

JBR - I thought the movie was really well done (mix of humor and science) and really helped me appreciate the exhibit even more. A pretty small exhibit, but a great group of objects.

L - I'll have to track one down for you! From a shop in Frederick.