03 January 2012

last day

Up early today, coffee made, and the dread of heading back to work hangs over me.  I wish I could stay home just a few days more.  Get in more lazing about; get more cleaning and organizing completed; just not have to be at work checking e-mails and answering phone calls and actually doing my job.  Le sigh.

For my last day of freedom we drank.  Horton Vineyards and Barboursville Vineyards wine tastings, to be exact.  I had made a vegan couscous and butternut squash salad and gathered together a picnic in one of my cute vintage tin picnic baskets, but the 30-degree weather meant a picnic was a lost cause.  Not that we didn't attempt it.  The beau was actually the voice of reason.  I had plans to shiver through my pain.  60-degree weather all last week or so, and now this?!  But small little snowflakes fell on us as we left the last winery, which made the cold seem a little magical at least.


JBR said...

Hope you braved cold to see Barboursville ruins! Happy new year. Hope all going well for you at home and at big house.

L. said...

That sounds like an absolutely lovely way to spend your last day of freedom before returning to work. And I'm definitely going to try out that recipe--it sounds divine!