18 January 2012

out from under the covers

I've been pressing the snooze button like a demon this week.  I think because I got off to a rocky sleeping start on Sunday night due to the Golden Globes and me staying up past my bedtime (normally around 10:30pm).  Once I get on a bad sleep cycle, it's hard to get off.  I like sleep.  And yet I'm totally a morning person and also like to be up and about for a good bit (sipping coffee, checking e-mail, etc.) before I head off to work.  How to balance those two impulses is sometimes a challenge.

This morning I finally got up at a reasonable hour and went for a run (in the dark) and made it to work just a little late.  I call that a major success.  Of course likely Colette disagrees, as she often will disdainfully move aside for me to get out from under the covers only to head back to bed, settling directly on the warm spot I've just vacated.  Smart girl.  When I got back from my run this morning she allowed me to make the bed, but you can tell from this snap that she could not quite understand why I'd want to be out from under the covers on such a chilly morning.

I've made the switch to the wintertime duvet on the bed, which certain makes me want to burrow in the covers at nighttime.  Crazy colors on my bed right now:  blue/multicolor stripe duvet, small flowered quilt across the foot of the bed, and crazy floral and patchwork crocheted pillows at the head.  Not shabby chic florals, mind you, but a little bit bright and wacky.  I'm itching to redecorate a room right now, although don't think it'll be the bedroom.  Pinterest has become a haven for me and my big ideas.  Come and find me there if you're on Pinterest too.  Me and my chevron accent walls and tiled floors and painted sisal rugs.


M said...

Pinterest has blocked me out! Not sure what I did, but I must have offended somebody in the pinning world. I requested another invite, but it hasn't come yet. Hopefully my stuff will still be there when I'm allowed in again...wish I could see the painted sisal rug!

Gretchen said...

Oh sad, M. Let me know if you need me to send you an invite. And yes, many painted sisal rug options. I have an old one in the attic that I'd like to renew and actually use!