26 January 2012

totally into

Things I'm totally into right now:

~ Wearing my hot pink quilted vest over everything.  Even when inside the office.  Or at home.  Normally I wear it just for running (since it has an iPod holder and key pocket), but I've been really cold lately and find that keeping my core warm makes all the difference.  Plus, I look good in pink.

~ True Blood.  We've just started season two and although I have to roll my eyes at some of the "romance," it really is a fun and exciting show.  Just enough blood.  Maybe not enough sex.  But that's just me.

~ The new gallon-sized zipper bags that just arrived from Love for Earth (see Kara's etsy store).  I got a small snack size as a free gift when I ordered napkins and produce bags last year and loved it for using in my lunchbag to pack carrot sticks or cookies or crackers.  Now, two gallon-sized in lime green (with turquoise zipper) and bright yellow (with hot pink zipper).  No more buying plastic zip bags for me - I had just used the last in the box, and although I do wash and reuse, I knew the last couple in circulation wouldn't last forever.  These are easy to clean and they're cute to boot.

~Knee socks.  Not just for boots, I wear these to work as often as I can (see keeping warm, above).  I need more.  I'd like a funky polka dot pair to add to the stripes and argyle already in circulation.

Work has been a bit crazed this week with meetings for a new building project and filmings in some of our historic structures and answering all sorts of public inquiries and working on a major talk I have coming up in mid-February.   This weekend, normally when I look forward to a little calm, promises to be just as busy with a special tour at the museum and the biweekly visit to my grandmother's.  I think a trip to Trader Joe's might be in order though, and perhaps a stop at Ikea.  I've pinned a rug (the Millinge square black & white checked rug) that I'd love to see in person and maybe use in the office (which is still much in need of some attention)...


L. said...

Those zipper bags are adorable! I definitely need to check out her shop!

M said...

Oooh, let me know if you decide to do Ikea! I have a trash can on my list to see in person...yes, I put that much thought into trash cans.