26 June 2008

Girls' (would you like some wine with that?) weekend - Part I

This past Friday I took the day off work and spent the time with my mother and grandmother who had come to visit for a few days. They stayed in a cute "boutique" hotel (I'll call it that since quaint, creaky, and moth-balled just doesn't sound inviting) down the street from my house and we spent Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday just doing fun things.

Friday was our real day of fun - we got up early and went for breakfast along the Rappahannock River at Amy's Cafe in Falmouth. The coffee was a little weak for me (I like put-hair-on-your-chest brew) but the service was super-nice and we sat in the sunny window as we enjoyed our pancakes, eggs, and applesauce (haven't had applesauce in years!).

We then made our way around town running a few errands and doing a little shopping. Quite a bit of time was spent stocking up Mom and Gma's wine cellars at Total Wine which happened to have the Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc my Mom and Dad really like and can never find. We actually happened to have the wine at Basil's at dinner the night before and I'd have to say I enjoyed it as well so may be a convert (well, as a special treat considering the $).

After lunch at a location chosen to appease my Gma's 86-year-old sense of "good food", we started on our journey to a wine tasting (can you sense a theme in my family?).

For this visit I had chosen a local winery with a large selection of varietals: Lake Anna Winery. As predicted, my mother liked the whites, my grandmother the sweet whites and roses, and me all the dry wines. We were the only ones in the tasting room (I guess since it was a Friday; I hope they're a bit busier on the weekends!) so our visit was pretty quick since the pourer was there the whole time filling our glasses. They do have a small patio with tables if you want to buy a bottle and enjoy the outdoors, but we chose to buy our few bottles of favorites and move on down the road...


Theresa said...

Is Total Wine the cute shop we went to in downtown F-burg? I liked that place.

G. said...

Sadly, no. Total Wine is actually a big box discount store. My mom and grandma are all about the deals!