27 June 2008

Girls' (would you like some wine with that?) weekend - Part II

My grandmother is an amazing lady. She's 86 years old, legally blind, but still has the get-up-and-go of a teenager (or at least it seems after my exhausting weekend!). As I indicated in the previous post, my mother brought her down to see my little house for a two-night stay and we ran all over the place - shopping, eating, and drinking a lot of wine.

Friday night's dinner was a real highlight for both Mom and Gma. After much squabbling and mulling over what kind of food we wanted (Gma isn't the most adventurous eater), I decided Tru Luv's down on the river would please everyone and fit the bill of "fancy" dinner without the need to dress up.

We were waited upon by a wonderful man named Steve who came to know us very well over the course of the evening (I think talk of Gma's fiber issues came up numerous times). Anyway, as a vegetarian, Tru Luv's menu is somewhat limited, but Mom and I split the roasted vegetable antipasto platter for our appetizer (with balsamic reduction - yum!) and Gma had the crab bisque to start. We of course had a bottle of wine with dinner (a dry white) and polished it off quite nicely. My entree was the unlisted vegetarian option which was vermicelli with roasted garlic and plum tomatoes. Good but predictable. My grandmother had the scallops served alongside greenbeans and a chestnut risotto (which Gma didn't like even though I described it as creamy rice - a more familiar food). Mom, however, absolutely adored her meal and made all sorts of yummy noises - she had the grilled salmon with crab in a citrus viniagrette.

All in all the evening was a success and we even had room for dessert (which was pretty good). The atmosphere was wonderful - we were seated at a table close to the floor-to-ceiling windows which gave Gma lots of light and Mom and me a great view of the river.

We also had a fantastic view of the patio which looks perfect for evening cocktails sometime in the future...


Theresa said...

I had to giggle at "all sorts of yummy noises" - there's no better sign of a good meal than that!

Mommy, Esq. said...

Sounds like fun - I'm glad we'll get a girls weekend of sorts in just a couple of weeks. I wish you had put up photos of your mom and grandmom - tell them I send my love!