05 June 2008

One of those days

I love those nights when the summer day stretches on and on and even though you get home around 7:00pm you still feel like you have hours to enjoy the day. Tonight was one of those for me. I fixed myself a nice vodka tonic (with raspberry flavored vodka and diet tonic), put on some cocktail music, and doned my sassy apron.

I've had blocks of tofu sitting in my fridge long enough
to be reaching that questionable point, so tonight was a simple tofu & veggie stir fry with brown rice. I chopped up frozen broccoli, fresh carrots, and some snow peas from the farmer's market. Scrambled two free-range brown eggs to add some extra protein. Teriyaki sauce, rice vinegar, and splash of vegetable broth gave a little flavor. Nothing fancy, but the process was the real point of it - the pure enjoyment of just cooking a good meal without rushing.

And the final frosting on the cake? Chocolate brownies cold from the fridge and a glass of icy milk. Just perfect...

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