06 June 2008

This morning I picked what I expect may be the last of my strawberries. Last spring I planted six little strawberry plants and this spring brought a crop of fresh strawberries that I never imagined. Perhaps I actually helped the patch by not weeding it for months at a time. It spent the winter under a warm cover of decaying weeds and grass and I'd like to think that's what actually made the patch so productive this year.

I had to constantly battle with birds and other wildlife getting to my strawberries before me last year. This year I got smart and covered the plot with some netting - it made it slightly cumbersome to pick the berries, but hey, at least I got to eat a lot more of them this year!
This last bunch of strawberries I washed, hulled, and cut up to enjoy with some vanilla fat free yougurt this afternoon at lunch. I'm looking forward to enjoying these last links to spring, but am sad I'll now have to resort to buying fruit at the farmer's market instead of just picking it from my backyard. My one consolation is that with the end of strawberry season we are one step closer to peach time...

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