29 July 2008

Position open: sugar daddy

I've found my calling in life.

No, it's not to be a museum curator as we all thought. Well, I guess I can do that on the side, but my real calling in life is to spend the entire summer (and likely spring, fall, and winter too) at a resort like the Greenbrier. Okay, I'll settle for the Greenbrier only. Now, all I need to fufill this calling is someone to pay for it.

Mom and I had an absolutely fantastic, luxurious, totally decadent time during our Greenbrier getaway. It was fabulous. I have lots of pictures and lots more details to share once things quiet down a bit. I certainly didn't want to come back to reality and wish I was back in this fluffy, magical, cloud-like bed with a chocolate on my pillow...

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