25 August 2008

Bluegrass on the green grass

After having it on my 'to do' list for quite some time now, I've actually done it. I've attended one of the summer concerts in Fredericksburg put on by the Bluemont organization. Saturday evening the sky looked like it would downpour at any second, but two friends and I braved it anyway, took our trusty blankets, my cute vintage picnic box (see above), and found a spot on the stadium's football field just as the concert began.

The performers: Robin and Linda Williams and Their Fine Group.
The music: bluegrass.
The menu: egg salad sandwiches, black bean dip with chips, watermelon, frosted brownies, and sparkling pink lemonade and berry fizz (no alcohol allowed!).
The crowd: Old married couples and young families with cute young kids who ran around on the football field the entire concert.
The weather: beautiful...

Sunset captured by M.


Theresa said...

This sounds like fun! I love concerting and picnicking!! Glad the rain held off too.

L. said...

I wish I had been free for this; it sounds like so much fun!