06 August 2008


I don't really have anything to post about today but since I'm having a lazy morning I thought I should say something nonetheless. Today is intern field trip day so I'm not actually heading into work but am staying in Fredericksburg all day. I made 'celebratory cupcakes' to thank them for all their hard work - lemon with lemon icing (both provided by the gourmet chef named Duncan Hines). I am taking bulghur salad to share (will post the recipe if it actually tastes good). I am also hopefully meeting a colleague at Hyperion before meeting everyone else so I can caffeinate myself with the deliciousness called 'Monkeylicious'.

I'm also hoping I get home this evening early enough to have the energy to finish cutting my back yard. I only half cut it on Saturday because it started raining, so I rushed to get my rotary mower under the tarp and ran inside, only to have it sprinkle three more drops and stop again. Mother Nature was definitely teasing me. I think she was telling me that I really just needed to hole up on the couch for a little bit. BTW, Krissy, you are absolutely right - I LOVE Mad Men. Have been DVR-ing it now and watched the latest episode this weekend.

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Mommy, Esq. said...

It is always good to take a break even after a weekend away - you need to unwind at home too. Husband got the Mad Men DVD set from season 1 - it is shaped like a zippo lighter. How awesome is that? Also, it always makes me want a cigarette and drink with clinky ice (like a G&T) but for the sake of the babies I am resisting. :)