30 December 2008


After a week of overdoing it with fattening foods and salty snacks and lots of alcohol (ahem, mom and dad I'm pointing a finger at you!), I am ready to detox.

I need salads and yummy fresh veggies to chop on my new bamboo cutting board; warm, sunny evenings to start back up my run-walking with my new pedometer and IPod arm strap that Santa brought me; and longer days to be working in my garden. My father e-mailed me today to ask about my CSA farmer's market subscription from these past two summers and it made me all sad.

Is it too early to wish for Spring?

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Almostima said...

I have that board and it's really great! (just not ideal for dishwasher).

I bet the east coast winters make a lot of peole wish for spring quite early on. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Maybe some lettuce plants will help?