03 December 2008

Lunch bag

I'm working from home today (getting some quiet time to do research that always seems to evade me when I'm at the office with phone ringing, coworkers talking, copy machine whirring, and nary a door in sight to close - how can I be the only one at my place of employment with a cubicle?...but I digress).

Anyway, am already thinking about what I'm going to fix for lunch. It's such a treat to actually have my whole kitchen at my disposal for lunchtime. Normally I pack my lunch in a cute little lunch bag and the contents are often not too creative (yesterday it was an apple and WASA crackers with Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedges). Today, however, I have the world at my disposal (well, whatever portion of the world resides in my kitchen) and I'm thinking cheese sandwich. Cheddar, havarti, swiss (one slice of each from my Trader Joe's lite cheese packs); lettuce; light mayo (sorry T). I wish I had carrots - shredded carrots would be good too. Oh well.


Theresa said...

Um, I think you need to pack bigger lunches!! :-) I would have been starving by 2pm.

I also bought myself a snazzy lunch bag and have been taking my lunch more often - I feel like I am not only saving money, but I think I am eating healthier and also not wasting as much food (since I usually take dinner leftovers).

G. said...

Oh I had a few more tidbits in there. I'm really bad about packing lunches the night before, though, so I just shove stuff in there on my way out the door. Definitely a money-saver, you're right!