22 December 2008


Well, I have my grocery list ready to go for this evening's trip to Ukrop's. I need to get the makings for another pumpple pie (or two) and the ingredients for the cheese fondue recipe my family will be having on Christmas eve (sans the pickles and sausages the actual recipe calls for substituted with fresh veggies and crusty bread cubes). I've also made the necessary run to Total Wine to get a case of my parents' favorite wine and pick up a few fun reds for me since this is now 'red wine season' (and I guess my brother may have some too). Yes, I do feel a little guilty for going to the big box retailer rather than my little local wine shop. I will try to be better (head hanging low).

I was bad and opened up one of the reds last night (Maipe 2007 cab sav) and must say was pleased - not exceptional, but pretty darn good. I try to stick to $9.99 or below on these 'fun' bottles and can always find some good ones at that price point. Plus, I'm a sucker for the little description cards that Total Wine has next to some of their wines - especially if it mentions being good with veggies (this one didn't but pizza was listed).

Tonight, besides grocery shopping and baking a pie, I need to pack for the short (2 1/2 hour) road trip up to the wilds of Maryland to my parents' house. Ugh, I hate packing. To help me get in the spirit, I think tonight I'll paint my nails with Essie's bordeaux shade. Just the right deep, dark red (no worries - I have very short nails so it doesn't look trampy!).


L. said...

I'm sorry, but there is no way that Super G could ever be "trampy."

Janet said...

Go Bordeaux! And Merry Christmas!

miss bess said...

In my book, red anything is never trampy - lipstick, polish, tights, mary janes - all small hints of red are important to a lady's wardrobe.