01 February 2009

back to basics

I've been aware over the past few months (mainly after reading In Defense of Food) that I eat too many processed "foods". In my defense, I do eat a lot of whole foods (veggies, beans, etc.) but when it comes to breads I was buying your basic sliced whole wheat version at the supermarket without a second thought.

Now, I am going to admit right out that I will likely never be the kind of person to make her own bread. I just don't have the patience no matter how "easy" everyone says it is. But, living in a town that actually has a bakery, I really have no excuse to keep buying the processed loaves shipped from who-knows-where.

So the last time I needed a loaf I stopped by Eileen's in downtown Fredericksburg and purchased one of their oat wheat loafs that they sliced for me right there, bagged, and I was on my way home for less than a supermarket loaf cost. I feel better. And boy, does it taste better!


almostima said...

Good on you! Keep in mind that without the preservatives that were in your supermarket bread, these do go bad more quickly. We've had some success in freezing bread we don't get to and then using it as filler (or breadcrumbs) in other dishes.

John R. said...

So glad to find your blog (via Janet's)!

Hope you enjoyed Antiques Forum!

John R said...

Eager to know what you think of HCJ's new movie. Thought of you when I saw him, R. Zellweger on tv recently