09 February 2009


Well, after a little time away at a geeky decorative arts conference in Colonial Williamsburg, I'm back to work and trying to finish the laundry, put away the suitcases, and settle back into normal life. Monday night and one of my new guilty pleasures is on television: The City. I'm a sucker for the young angst-ridden shows like The Hills and now this spin-off.

And what video should pop up today but the latest political spin-off of this same forumla done up by Newsweek: The District. Love it! And here I thought politics was just for boring grownups.


Theresa said...

Oh, what's this?!? It's a reality show about politics? That might be the only kind I could watch! What channel?

G. said...

Here's the link from the Newsweek website - it's just online and pretty short, but so funny! http://blog.newsweek.com/blogs/popvox/archive/2009/02/02/aerial-shots-blank-stares-the-pussycat-dolls-small-screen-bliss.aspx

L. said...

I hope you had fun at forum, you lucky gal, you!